Burial Insurance For Diabetics-No Medical Exams

Burial Insurance For Diabetics - No Medical Exams

Is there Burial Insurance For Diabetics? Getting that initial diabetes diagnosis is somewhat underrated because this is a much more life-changing event than people actually realize.

Being diagnosed with diabetes requires you to change and improve your diet, and it also requires you to exercise regularly.

You might also have to incorporate new medications into your lifestyle, and this is something that is pretty common when it comes to getting that diabetes diagnosis.

In today’s society, the treatment of diabetes has progressed massively and if you take your recommended treatment seriously then the overall outlook is extremely promising.

Here’s the thing, diabetes does mean that you might have to sacrifice the sugary snacks and get your cardio up every now and again, but it does not mean that you should have to deal with extortionate rates and super long waiting periods on your own burial insurance.

Can You Get Burial Insurance If You Have Diabetes?

You will be pleased to know that whether you have diabetes that is controlled, or whether you have diabetes that is not controlled, then you will be able to access burial insurance that is the best fit for you and that is as affordable as possible.

Here’s the thing, lots of people do find that it is really difficult to get that final expense insurance, and it is, unfortunately, more common than not that people with diabetes will find it really hard to get a burial insurance premium that suits them.

People will get directed to extensive waiting periods followed by paying the top premium prices.

However, here we are going to talk you through all of the options out there that will suit you best if you have diabetes.

We have burial insurance plans that come with protection and also burial insurance plans that come at a rate which is consistent with that of individuals who do not have diabetes. Are you starting to doubt us? Please don’t! This is the complete researched truth.

The whole reason why we have compiled this piece together is because we know that so many people are struggling to find burial insurance premiums that are super affordable and that are fair.

You might be wondering how we have pulled these miracle insurance premiums together, and, we have to say that the difficulties that you have encountered are all to do with exactly who you have spoken with.

Also, whoever you contacted about your burial insurance premium might not have been able to help you sufficiently due to lack of access to companies that are actually fair when it comes to people who suffer with diabetes.

As well as highlighting some of the best plans we have found then we will look at exactly what you might be faced with if you have diabetes and if you are looking to purchase a burial insurance premium.

It is important that you are fully equipped with all the necessary knowledge before you even entertain this kind of investment.

You need to be made aware of what exactly these final expense insurers might question you on, and also the company’s general viewpoint to people who suffer with diabetes, and also how you can find the policy that is the best for you.

What Can You Get Questioned On If You Have Diabetes And Want To Invest In Burial Insurance?

So, when looking for burial insurance to best suit you then you need to be fully aware of what exactly companies are going to ask you when trying to work out your premium cost.

Here’s the thing, every company will have different terms and conditions when it comes to calculating your burial insurance plan. This is where we will outline what exactly the issues are that the companies will question you on.

One thing we want to be absolutely clear on is that the issues that we are going to highlight do not mean that you are not eligible to get burial insurance. The complete opposite is the most accurate summary of this.

It really does not matter what you have had to endure with trying to get an insurance premium. Here, we have companies that will work with you, so you will not have to deal with an interrogation or extreme increases in premiums.

There are a lot of questions that you could get asked obviously in reference to your diabetes because this will naturally have an effect on the price of your burial insurance.

You might get questioned on when you had your diagnosis, because if you were diagnosed before the age of 50 then this can have an effect on the price of your premium.

Additionally, the medication that you are taking can have an effect on the price that you pay for your burial insurance too.

You might also be questioned on the severity of your diabetes in terms of side effects. So, you could be questioned on whether you have had any amputation due to your diabetes.

You could also be questioned on whether or not you have gone into insulin shock, and also whether or not you have been in a diabetic coma.

There are some other personal factors that you will be questioned on as they will also impact how much your burial insurance costs. Your height and also your weight will be taken into account, along with whether you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Your burial insurance premium cost will be impacted depending on the volume of insulin that you take per day.

Lastly (you’ll be pleased to know) you could also be questioned on any issues that you have as a result of being diagnosed with diabetes.

For instance, you might be asked whether you have neuropathy issues, which are nerve and circulatory issues due to diabetes. Or alternatively, you might be asked whether you have retinopathy issues, which are issues related to your eyes due to diabetes.

You could even be asked if you suffer from neuphrophy issues, which are kidney issues that are due to diabetes.

It is also important that we illustrate the questions that you should NOT be asked in relation to your burial insurance premium.

You should not be questioned on your A1C levels, or you should not actually be questioned on the number of years that you have suffered with diabetes. You also should not be questioned on your family history when looking to buy burial insurance.

Here you go, this is the end of our rundown on all the possible questions that you could be asked in terms of getting your burial insurance.

It is important that you do not take being asked about your diabetes as intrusive or abrupt because this will just be a company’s way of determining what burial insurance premium will be best suited to you.

How Do Burial Insurance Companies Respond To Diabetes?

Now more than ever before, diabetes is a very common health condition. This has meant that the majority of burial insurance companies have adapted their premiums so as to accept individuals who suffer with diabetes.

Additionally, there are also final expense life insurance premiums which will accept serious health complications which were due to diabetes.

When it comes to picking a burial insurance premium it does not matter whether you have mild or whether you have severe diabetes. It does not matter whether you suffer from any extra complications due to diabetes.

There will be options out there that are affordable and that are right for you.

If you are worried because you deal with some serious issues as a result of diabetes then you should not be worried about how this will impact your burial insurance premium.

You just have to be positive and keep in mind that there will be burial insurance out there that is right for you.

We would be lying if we said that all burial insurance companies are totally okay with these serious issues, naturally, there are some companies that are totally okay with this and some companies that are not.

It is important to remember that you will end up overpaying massively if you choose to just limit yourself to a burial insurance company that does not respond well to serious complications as a result of diabetes.

If you are really keen to get yourself a plan that is super affordable and that offers you everything that you need it to, then you really need to go for an agency that has access to a lot of carriers as this will give you a larger probability of finding a plan that is at your price point.

How Can You Find The Best Burial Insurance for Diabetic? You Have Come To The Right Place

We understand that you will be reading this piece because you have tried and subsequently failed to find burial insurance that works well for you.

It is an extremely taxing and challenging hunt and a lot of agents or a lot of agencies can be inexperienced in helping people with diabetes.

The thing is, even though diabetes is a much more widely recognized health problem nowadays there are still a lot of agencies out there who have not quite moved with the times. What does this mean?

This can end up meaning that the majority of agencies will not be able to provide you with the right burial insurance companies that will be able to suit you.

This Is Where Simplified Burial Insurance Comes In

Here at Simplified Burial Insurance, we understand that death is a really sad and a really stressful event in life. Loved ones are left to deal with the emotional stress alongside financial problems.

So, as a proud family member, you will want to make sure that your family does not have to take care of your financial problems – and you will know that the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you have got your burial insurance in check.

Sorting out your burial insurance premium will allow you to do this, but this might be something that you have previously found really difficult to do with diabetes.

We know that getting burial insurance can be really challenging if you suffer from diabetes, on top of the skepticism surrounding insurance in the first place.

Yeah, we know that insurance itself can even be frowned on and that a lot of people will be reluctant to take out insurance premiums (let alone burial insurance) because it is somewhat frowned upon.

Why Is Burial Insurance Frowned Upon?

Well, burial insurance is certainly frowned upon if you compare the stigma surrounding this to the stigma surrounding getting your vehicle insured.

Here’s the thing, you might not notice an increase in value of your premium in the same way that you would notice an increase in your real estate properties or in your one stock portfolio.

The increase in value of a burial insurance premium can often go pretty unnoticed, or it can go barely felt by the premium owner. Another reason is that it does not seem like a worthwhile investment, in that you will not see this insurance policy nor will you touch it.

The existence of your burial insurance premium is essentially reduced to a pile of paper that has some random signatures on it and you will probably never even know these people.

You are encouraged to get an insurance premium anyway because it is essentially your ultimate backup plan. If something were to happen to you then your loved ones will be able to gain a sense of peace in that they will see that they have been taken care of by you.

Burial insurance is not an open conversation, and people often think that preparing for death is pretty morbid and that it can end up being some kind of creepy sign…

But, burial insurance can really help your loved ones out and you should not let diabetes be something that deters you or that holds you back in any way.

Here at Simplified Burial Insurance we want to help you get the best premium that you can, and we have access to the top-rated life insurance companies and we can find you the lowest rates that are available for you.

Burial insurance should be affordable and it should be something that everyone can have access to, so we pledge to work hard to find the right plan for you with the lowest cost to suit your finances.

Here at Simplified Burial Insurance, we want to break the stigma surrounding burial insurance, and we do not want it to be yet another expense that you have to pay for.

We want you to see burial insurance as an important piece in your ‘ backup plan’, a piece that will help your family when they most need it.

Your burial insurance will take care of your loved ones when they need it, and here at Simplified Burial Insurance, we will take care of you to make sure that you find the premium that is right for you.

With every kind of burial insurance plan, your whole health profile really needs to be scrutinized – but here we will treat your diabetes as one piece of the whole puzzle, we will not treat your diabetes as trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

We also want to add that if you have any other health conditions you will also need to disclose these and these conditions will be taken into account too.

Here, we can recommend a lot of different companies who will give you a burial insurance plan that is essentially in light of your diabetes. However, we cannot guarantee that your other health conditions will not present a problem.

This is not something to worry about though, this is something that we can talk through – we will just need your full disclosure.

Call us or fill in our quote request form to find out more about what we can do for you and your burial insurance, and we will be in touch shortly.

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