Low-Cost Burial Insurance For Seniors

5 Best Low-Cost Burial Insurance For Seniors

Are you looking for low-cost burial insurance for seniors that will assist you and your family? Funeral costs can put a financial strain on families, If you are looking to save your loved ones from having to cover expenses associated with your funeral in their time of grief, you can plan ahead and purchase a…
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Social Security Funeral Benefits

Social Security Funeral Benefits: Ultimate Guide 2022

With tens of millions of Americans participating in one or more benefits programs offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA), it is safe to say that Social Security programs are among the most widely used benefits accessible to United States citizens. While SSA is widely known as a retirement program, it also provides important life…
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Globe Life Burial Insurance

Globe Life Burial Insurance: Comprehensive Review 2022

Globe Life is a very well-known carrier of life insurance policies. As a company, Globe Life has a high level of brand awareness, thanks to the widespread marketing awareness targeting prospects who are in dire need of funeral life insurance policies. But does popularity make Global Life a good life insurance company? Well, Globe Life…
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Funeral Insurance for Seniors

What Is Funeral Insurance for Seniors?

Funeral insurance is not something that many people generally think about until they are faced with the consequences. It’s essential to make sure your family and friends don’t have to worry about funeral costs and pending medical bills. Luckily, there are different types of coverage available for seniors. Read on to find out what burial…
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burial insurance for seniors

Is Burial Insurance for Seniors Necessary? Here’s Why You Need to Consider It

The National Funeral Directors Association shows a median funeral cost with viewing and burial at $7,848 in 2021, without the cost of a plot, headstone, or vault. With a vault, it is estimated to come in at $9,420. While your family grieves, they’re also trying to figure out how to honor your final wishes and…
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Funeral Advantage: Ultimate Review 2021

Funeral Advantage: Ultimate Review 2022

Is The Nation’s Most Popular Final Expense Plan All It’s Cracked Up To Be? It’s never pleasant contemplating one’s own death, but when we’re approaching the grand golden years of our life, it’s important to consider how our eventual passing will impact those we leave behind, not just emotionally, but financially too. Funerals these days…
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Benefits of Burial Insurance

17 Benefits of Burial Insurance

Many people use life insurance as a means to defray their final expenses. In fact, final expenses are one of the major reasons why policyholders obtain life insurance coverage. If you’re a senior looking to defray your end-of-life expenses, burial insurance is a type of life insurance designed specifically for final expenses. It is intended…
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Final Expense and Burial Insurance Companies

18 Best Burial Insurance Companies Review 2022

The best burial insurance policy for you may not be the best one for someone else. Coverage amounts, age restrictions, and health are all important factors to consider when shopping for burial insurance, and some may mean more to you than others. We’ve highlighted some of the burial policies sold by 18 of the best…
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Life Insurance Beneficiary

Life Insurance Beneficiary: Ultimate Guide

In the wake of lifestyle changes and the move to nuclear families, many people are buying life insurance policies to offer financial protection to their families. For the unacquainted, life insurance is an agreement between you and an insurance company, where the insurer agrees to pay a lump sum to a designated beneficiary in the…
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Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

17 Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Final expenses can be a major financial burden to your loved ones and exacerbate an already difficult time. This is truer considering that the burial and funeral costs increase year after year across the world. However, with a final expense insurance cover, you can defray your end-of-life expenses, ultimately saving them from the burden. One…
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